A jazz musician by trade, Michael Oberling is a new kid on the block of the electronic music production scene. He began DJing while attending Columbia College Chicago, hosted a successful radio show on Souljack Digital and held a handful of residencies before relocating to the Bay Area in California.

Michael started producing electronic music in early 2015 and soon released his first EP on DeepStitched Records in early 2016 under the former alias Michael Lee. Michael pulls his inspiration from jazz, specifically the era of Miles Davis, Coltrane, Chet Baker etc. His first electronic introduction was from Everything But The Girl from their Walking Wounded album, which his mother purchased second-hand.

His love for deep, soulful music, is expressed through each new release, combining his trumpet playing, vocals and jazz musical knowledge. Michael makes music that everyone can listen to, dance to, and connect with on all levels.

Bookings: Remixes: Inquiries: Please email:


Born in Manila, Philippines, from a young age Mo followed and shared his passion for music, before making a move to London where he grew up immersed in London's underground House and Electronica scene. A raver at heart, Mo understands what drives the dance floor and has honed his skills over the years, developing his unique take on London's ever evolving sound with his DJ sets combining his diverse musical tastes in dance music.

He has played at London events for the likes of Familia at Egg Club in June 2016, Intune and Becool, NoNonSense, UTurn, 93feeteast, SugarMoods(Paris) and is a resident DJ with Buntu since 2016. More recently, Mo started his new residency for Otherside Electronic, a bi-monthly party in Italy. Mo made his international debut in January 2016 at Time Manila, Philippines' premier underground Club, for Slaughterhouse Events, for which he received positive reviews from DJMag Philippines for "his deep and powerful" set.

For him, it’s all about expressing his passion for a deep, minimal and hypnotic groove, that sets a powerful mood on the dance floor… playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and subconsciously nodding your head without you realizing it.

You can check out more of his mixes on https://soundcloud.com/djmobautista. 

Deep Dayz Podcast - Rishi K. Guest Mix: Tracklist

1.) Moti Brothers - Underground (Original Mix) [Ready Mix Records]

2.) Queemose - Promise (Dave Pad Remix) [Cyanide]
3.) Dave Storm - Happy Feet (Original Mix) [Salted Music]
4.) Tidy Daps - Something That You (Original Mix) [Sonic Soul Records]

5.) Soul Minority - Feel Da Muzik (Original Mix) [Kolour Recordings]

6.) Fer Ferrari - Groove Is In The Air (Original Mix) [DeepClass Records]

7.) Saison - Come With Us (Original Mix) [Large Music]
8.) Elastic Sound - Moscow After The Storm (Soul Minority Remix) [Deepology Digital]
9.) Rishi K. - Louder Than Life (Original Mix) [Daylight Robbery Records]

Rishi makes music to allow people to go deeper into themselves and have spiritual and healing experiences or simply to enjoy and have fun!

Based in San Francisco he has been producing and DJing deep and tech house since 2011. Since then he has been released on many well respected labels in deep house such as I Records, King Street, Ready Mix Records, Pacha Recordings and many others. He also runs his own record label "Sonic Soul Records" and has released artists such as BiG AL, Robot Needs Oil, Fer Ferrari and many more.

His productions are being supported by some of the top names in deep house today.


UM Records was launched in September 2011 by untitledmusic founder Richie Hartness with more than two decades of promoting, writing, playing and introducing new music to his name.

The labels aim has always been to provide a springboard to new producers, often teaming them up with more established names on releases. UM has been a rich source of up and coming names, many of whom have gone on to big name labels following their time being promoted by UM and all have benefitted from advice and guidance on how to progress from unknown producer to being an in demand name and much sought after producer for other labels around the world.

Across digital and vinyl platforms UM’s sound is ever evolving, always emotive, often challenging the ‘expected sound’ and a name you can trust to bring you the very best of deep house.

The artists roster reads like a “who’s who of deep house” with Marvin Zeyss, Dilby, Tim Andresen, Deep Spelle, Deep Active Sound, Rishi K., BiG AL, Phasen, Yigit Atilla, Evren Ulusoy, Edmund, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Blakkat, Atnarko and Giom being just some of the names we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

UM’s approach to business is a hallmark of its stature too – and its success in returning royalties to its artists goes to prove that underground music can be financially successful (even if that’s only a moderate one). From contract dealings to mastering approvals, from promotion to online presence, licensing and those all important royalty statements, so often never seen by artists, UM prides itself on being commercially minded and innovative underground label for a modern music industry.



Kat Richmond is an electronic music producer and DJ based in east London. She is also one half of Arsenic Mines, electronic instrumentalists using Ableton and violins to perform their own style of house, techno and electronica.
Kat Richmond is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Walthamstow, east London. She plays a combination of minimal house and techno often with orchestral musicality but combined with a psychedelic acid twist. She is also one half of Arsenic Mines, an electronic instrumental duo, using Ableton Live and violins to perform house and techno.

Kat is the founder of Electronic 17, a community of DJs, producers and live electronic artists in Walthamstow, and organises events and parties at different venues in the area throughout the year showcasing the local talent. Special guests have included Dave Congreve (Soma Records), Ashley Beedle (Xpress2 / Black Science Orchestra), Waterson (Back To The World), Leif (Freerotation Festival / UntilMyHeartStops), Samantha Blackburn (Buntu) and Ewan Pearson (Misericord / Kompakt). 

This year she has warmed up for A Guy Called Gerald and the Stanton Warriors as well as played a special Hacienda classics set for a 10 year anniversary tribute gig celebrating Tony Wilson. She's played at Farm Festival in Somerset and also at the Chicken and The Egg festival in Dorset. She has recently become resident of Buntu, Samantha Blackburn's party in London, and will be playing at the Ministry of Sound for Deep Love, the new party run by ex We Love Space resident Daisy Heartbreaker.

This year she has guested on Mark Limb's The Electric Disco radio show on MyHouseYourHouse.net, on East London Radio for music takes me up, and hosted the Shoplifters show for Jon Ford on Soho Radio. 

She is also Programme Director for the Stow Festival, an annual multi genre music festival in Walthamstow, and is the co-project lead for the BringBackTheBeat dance area at the Barbican’s Walthamstow Garden Party.

Samantha emanates passion and emotion when she is behind the decks and expresses herself in a way that captivates her followers. She radiates warmth into her audience and creates a memorable vibe with her excellent track selection. This has recently been recognised on the circuit and Samantha has been labeled one to “keep an eye on” by international DJ magazine Mixmag.

South African born Samantha Blackburn has in 8 years established herself as one of London’s best female talents to emerge onto the scene. She is currently a hot name amongst her London counterparts and has been securing gigs at some of the capital’s coolest parties. Making her London debut at Mooch, soon after playing at Jaded and holding a residency with Get Diverted in London for the past 4 years. Samantha has played alongside the likes of Slam, Josh Wink, Anja Schneider, Mr C, Catz N Dogz, Robert Babicz, DJ T, Ray Okpara. In 2012 her DJing talent has reached international level which took her across the seas to a club called Time in the Philippines and also the renowned Area 51 on Boracay Island as well as various venues in South Africa in 2013. She also made her Debut appearance in the main room at the famous London night club Fabric playing for WYS!

As Samantha's style developed surrounding her roots and culture. Becoming familiar with the tribal, percussive sound that reflects her music today. Fusing together rolling percussive techno, hypnotic and brazen beats, with a slightly two-step influence, with soulful melodies and atmospheric chimes, cultivating her rolling deep tribal tech style.

In 2013 Samantha established the brand and record label Buntu. Samantha’s aim with Buntu is to explore new creative ground and hopefully awaken an interest that will see artists of all forms coming together to create. Hosting various events, an experience more than an electronic musical event hosting various underground house, tech house and techno DJs, live artists, visual artists and performers, creating together on one night. 2015 saw Buntu hosting various music production workshops and events in South Africa Buntu hosts a monthly podcast featuring fresh underground artists between UK and SA. 


Deep Dayz Podcast for June we have an exclusive mix by Amanda Chavez for the first hour, track listing is below and we have a special guest mix by the veteran of Deep House from Austria-DJ DEL B.!! He has toured all over the world sharing deep house to a global audience! He started his DJ career back in 1985 in Italy and when "House" music entered the scene, Bernard Del Bianchi aka DJ Del B. developed a deep love for deep, soulful house and has been loyal since! With his new Promo series of Deep House Society Vol. 1 to Vol. 10 and many other old school deep house sets he is connecting the old school deep house sound with current sound to remind the newer generations of what real deep house is!

Yokoland (Soul Minority Remix)-Ugur Soygur 
Lies (Larse Remix Dub)-Vhyce 
Little Flower (Soul Minority Remix)-Mark Lowry
Cusco Disco (Ugur Soygur Remix)-Stan Kolev, Juan Mejia 
The Secret Buddah (The Secret Dub)-Ugur Soygur 
Awakening feat. Nica Brooke (Da Sunlounge Remix)-Onur Ozman 
The Sun (Original Mix)-Lost House Rhythms 
September (Original)-Michael Lee 
Weekends (Original Mix)-Deeplations 
This Life Feat. Roland Clark (Onur Ozman's Joy Is All Around Us Remix)-Roland Clark, Rafael 
High Street (Original Mix)-Lost House Rhythms 
Get Me (Original Mix)-Onur Ozman 
Wanna Be Like You Feat. Lisa Shaw (Original Mix)-Lisa Shaw, Larse

Adam D. is from the Southwest and currently resides in Colorado. He started DJing in 2001. Played alongside such DJs as Justin and Christian Martin, Worthy, Jonny Fiasco, Gene Farris, James Curd, and Roy Davis Jr to name a few.



Keegs Bantom, a successful young man from South Africa talented in the art of music, lived within the beams of local and pure sounds creating the pleasure of happiness effect, is best to be described as an instinctive House-head. He established himself as a producer and a DJ highly embedded within the local House Music community written with notation of rhythm of the desired social community.He ensures an authentic composition with creative, flowing and seamless transitioning techniques to break new music, instead of the median of everyday commune beats. As a musician, growth and persistent erudition has led him on a creative path through the House music dynasty. Music is thus the primary aftermath to a clear goal of finding his ultimate future sound.He offers a groove based sound with sweet melodies intertwined, whether stripped down or vocally profound. His hard work pulls through his unique bravura.A burning passion to push his own unique taste, he fuses music, art and poetry, releasing artistic pieces that tell a story of good times, motivation and brighter days.

Keegs Bantom, a successful young man talented in the art of music, lived within the beams of local and pure sounds creating the pleasure of happiness effect, is best to be described as an instinctive House-head. He established himself as a producer and a DJ highly embedded within the local House Music community written with notation of rhythm of the desired social community.He ensures an authentic composition with creative, flowing and seamless transitioning techniques to break new music, instead of the median of everyday commune beats. As a musician, growth and persistent erudition has led him on a creative path through the House music dynasty. Music is thus the primary aftermath to a clear goal of finding his ultimate future sound.He offers a groove based sound with sweet melodies intertwined, whether stripped down or vocally profound. His hard work pulls through his unique bravura.A burning passion to push his own unique taste, he fuses music, art and poetry, releasing artistic pieces that tell a story of good times, motivation and brighter days.

Paul Cassidy is a DJ and A&R at UM Records. He is also known as Furtivefunktion. His career reads like a d Who's Who of Scottish House. Playing alongside and in partnership with names such as Brookso, Silicone Soul, Mash & Jasper James in the oast and more recently teaming up with legendary Harri of Glasgow's Subculture. With a reputation for Eclectic Bar sets and epic rolling live blends of tracks, often sampling parts to gain full impact and effect for the crowd. Paul has done guest mixes for too many radio shows to list. After a break, Paul is back with his mix for last month's Deep Hit's Parade and now on Deep Dayz! 


Andy began dee-jaying at the age of 18 and completed his first release back in 1994 with label mate Gabriel Rene and they soon formed a strong partnership with San Francisco based band Soulstice who have just celebrated the release of their album, Illusion. 

In the past several years, Andy has seen releases on Om Records beginning with Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz series, five consecutive Om Lounge releases, and more recently Sounds of Om v. 2, a full length mix cd of deep house grooves. On top of this his dreamy house cover of the Brazilian jazz standard ‘Quiet Nights’ featuring the vocals of Gina Rene, was touted by Hed Kandi’s Mark Doyle, as “a perfect example of cool and soulful deep house.” 

Incorporating the organic feel and sounds of jazz, classical, and soul, his unique production is always big on lush melody, complex chord progressions, clever bass lines, and intricate drum programming.

Andy Caldwell became known through the San Francisco House scene in the early part of the 2000s. First as a member of the live House act, Soulstice, and later as a solo artist. Andy has released his music on Om Records, followed most recently with releases on his own label, Uno Recordings. The Wolfgang Gartner remix of Andy's track "Funk Nasty" (featuring Gramma Funk) was nominated for a Grammy in 2011 under the "Best Remix" category.

Singles & EPs

Quiet Nights (OM Records, 2000)
All I Need (Naked Music Recordings, 2001)
Carnaval (OM Records, 2001)
Don't Hold Back (Inspirit Music, 2002)
I Can't Wait (OM Records, 2002)
Live Your Life (Seasons Limited, 2002)
Give A Little/Searching (Area DJ, 2004)
Pushin (Inspirit Music, 2004)
Give A Little (Naked Music Recordings (2004)
Brand New Day (Swank Recordings, 2005)
The Waiting Game (OM Records, 2005)
Everything (OM Records, 2005)
Don't You Love Me (OM Records, 2006)
Rumors (Celebrity Records, 2006)
Warrior (OM Records, 2006)
I Believe In Dreams (MoreHouse Records, 2007)
Funk Nasty featuring Gramma Funk (Uno Recordings, 2008)
Warrior (The Remixes) (Uno Recordings, 2009)
Black Diamond Sky (Uno Recordings, 2009)
It’s Guud (Uno Recordings, 2009)
Scream (Uno Recordings, 2009)
Don’t Go Home Tonight (Uno Recordings, 2010)
Andy Caldwell & Remy Le Duc - La Guitara (CR2, 2011)
Fear The Beard (Uno Recordings, 2011)
Morgan Page, Andy Caldwell and Jonathan Mendelsohn - Where Did You Go? (Nettwerk, 2012)
Andy Caldwell & Michael Teixeira featuring Lisa Donnelly - Sing It Back (Uno Recordings, 2012)[4]
We Are The Future (Nettrax, 2013)
Hold The Line (Nettrax, 2014)
Melody Like A Drum (InCorrect, 2014)
Never Felt Better (Nettwerk, 2014)

Recent Remixes

Blake Lewis - Sad Song (Tommy Boy, 2009)
Samantha James - Waves of Change (Om Records, 2010)
Morgan Page and Dave Dresden - I've Had Friends (Nettwerk, 2010)
Scanners - Baby Blue (Dim Mak, 2010)
Ultra Nate and Michelle Williams - Waiting on You (2011)
EC Twins and Remy Le Duc - Say Yes (Uno Recordings, 2011)
Echo Echo - Good Morning (Uno Recordings, 2011)
Foster the People - Call It What You Want (Sony, 2011)
Mary Mary - Wave My Flag (Sony, 2011)
Martin East Project - Wisdom of A Million Years (Kapa, 2011)
Chuck Love - Assemble Your Crew (Love Network, 2011)
Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had (Columbia, 2011)
3kOHM featuring Sy Smith - Get Love (Uno Recordings, 2012)
Christian Burns, Paul Oakenfold & Jes - As We Collide (Armada, 2012)
Delerium feat. Michael Logen - Days Turn Into Nights (Nettwerk, 2012)
Major Lazer - Jah No Partial (Mad Decent, 2012)
Lenny Kravitz - Superlove (Atlantic Records/Roadrunner Records, 2012)


Sounds of OM Vol 2 (OM Records, 2000)
InSoul Sessions Vol 1 (Inspirit Music, 2002)
InHouse Perspectives 02 (Inspirit Music, 2004)
Late Night With Andy Caldwell (Swank Recordings, 2005)
Hemmespheres v4 (Jam Records Australia, 2006)
Bar Grooves The Spring Collection (Bar Grooves, 2007)
Om Dubai (Om Records, 2007)

Studio albums

Universal Truth (OM, 2006)
Obsession (Tommy Boy, 2009)


Immersed in London's underground electronic scene for the past eight years, Marco has a unique approach to tech house, transitioning between deep, techno and minimal grooves to create his own blend. Rocking dance floors all over town, from hidden basements to rooftops, he has played alongside great names such as Jef K, Andre Lodemann, Samantha Blackburn, Jadele, Russel Wayne, Zaki, Toni C and many more. You can check out more of his mixes on soundcloud.com/marcomarchesan.


Black Alley 4 Deeper Dayz Podcast April 2017
David & Hjalti - Moods // Lagaffe Tales
Amp Fiddler, Thatmanmonkz - Your Love Is All I Need (Thatmanmonkz Remix) // Black Riot
COEO - Mydonna (Alternate Cut) // Toy Tonics
Black Alley - Sugar (QuestionmarQ Remix) // Vision Collective Recordings
JKRIV & THE DISCO MACHINE - I Can't Be Alone Tonight // ePM Online
Martin L. & Antonio Caballero - Let Go & Move On (Original Mix) // Smooth Agent Tracks
Mark De Clive-Lowe, Joe Bataan - Magic Rose (feat. Joe Bataan) // Fania
Strandtuch - Detroit 84 - Ashley Beedle North Street Beats // F*CLR
Claptone Feat. George Kranz - The Drums (Din Daa Daa) (Edit) // Different Recordings
John Julius Knight - Oh La La // Blacklist
B.Jinx - Foxy Mama Riding On Clouds // Panama Red
Clarisse Muvemba - Roses (Bangana Remix) // Plastic City
Mop Mop, Anthony Joseph, Daisho - The Serpent (Daisho Remix) // Agogo Records
Lee Burridge, Lost Desert, Junior - Lingala (Original Mix) // All Day I Dream



Deep Dayz Podcast

Music was always important to me. When I was 14 years old, I started to be interested in the other side of the DJ booth.
Fortunately one of my friends (a young girl too) was into DJing that time, she helped me a lot to understand these things. I soon realized that underground music is really close to my heart.
At the beginning I played techno and tech-house, but I got bored of them in a few months. Then I discovered house and garage.
The biggest influences were Detroit Swindle, Max Graef and Fouk.
One of my best friends, Peter M. Lawrence supported me a lot as well and opened me out.
Thanks to him I met more and more people on Facebook from London, they encouraged me to play and produce music. This meant a lot to me because in Hungary this kind of music is very rare and there's only a couple of people who are into these vibes.
I was 17 when I played my first set in a radio show (thanks Martin)!
This time I felt I have to play vinyls.
I was 18 when I bought my first vinyls and 2 turntables, they are my best friends [🙂]
Later I got a personal radio show at Underground Sessions.
At this time I play mostly deep house and disco. I don't care about genres, the best music for me is based on a fat bassline and the melody is important too, that's all.
Up to now I had no official gigs, but I'm motivated and I hope that I will make proper music soon as a producer, too






Boston Green has been DJing for over 20 years, in his early days playing MoS, Heaven, SW1 to name but a few. He took a well needed break, returning to the scene in 2010, once again gracing the decks with his up front, tech beats.

Host to The Deeply Fresh Radio Show, his weekly radio show which has been running for nearly 5 years, broadcast live every week, 6-8pm gmt. The show started out on Pointblank FM and moved to Select Radio in 2016, two of London's biggest pirate radio stations.

Nowadays concentrating on the deeep house, deep tech and tech house beats, but also know to spin some seriously liquid DnB.

Mix archive:- promodj.com/DjBostonGreen





Solid grooves + systematic rhythms + love = Onur Ozman

He has been producing, performing, presenting deep tech house music worldwide for over 8 years with more than 200 releases under countless labels as well as Noir Music, Rebirth, I Records and more is surely coming soon.

Descending from Istanbul House Music Scene, Onur is now based in Switzerland but performing worldwide while concepting ‚The Music Architecture‘ and hosting the weekly radio show ‚The Original Mix‘ on internationally renowned radio station Dinamo FM.

Although his unique deep sound shows some post-modernism and minimalism inside, the only thing that he never forgets is "Groove"!


Onur Ozman - Left In Pain EP - Fat Wax Recordings (July 2016)
Onur Ozman -  I Can Still - Hive Audio Summer Slice Compilation (August 2016)
Onur Ozman - Breath In Breath EP - Sex Panda White (Summer 2016)
Onur Ozman - 1000 Drops EP - Definition:Music (Summer 2016)
Onur Ozman - Rewind EP - Clapper (September 2016)
Onur Ozman - L.O.U.D EP - Glasgow Underground (September 2016)
Several Definitions - Lost Valleys (Onur Ozman Remix) - Chapter 24 (November 2016)
Onur Ozman - Deep & Bad Things EP - 303Lovers (Autumn 2016)
Onur Ozman - It's Coming - Chapter 24 (Autumn 2016)
Onur Özman - Gradient EP - Sincopat (Winter 2017)

Onur Ozman - Temptation EP - Something Different Recordings (2016)
Onur Ozman - A Vintage Paraphrase Part 2 - Noir Music (2015)
Onur Ozman - A Vintage Paraphrase Part 1 - Noir Music (2015)
Onur Ozman - Never Seen Chicago EP - Something Different Recordings (2014)
Onur Ozman - Memories EP - I Records (2013)
Onur Ozman - Amazon EP - I Records (2013)
Onur Ozman - The Voice of You EP - Ready Mix Records (2012)
Onur Ozman - Not Enough EP - Onethirty Recordings (2010)
Onur Ozman - Here vs. Hoax EP - Night Drive Recordings (2009)
Onur Ozman - Indoor Vibes EP - Amfibius Recordings (2008)

Foremost Poets - Moonraker (Onur Ozman's Mind) - Soundman on Wax - (2016)
Soul Minority - Slove (Onur Ozman Remix) - Kolour Recordings (2015)
Matt Masters - I Dreamt I Was There (Onur Ozman Remix) - Something Different Recordings (2015)
Jay Tripwire - Saxtronik (Onur Ozman Remix) - Dutchie Music (2013)
Bescheer, Szenasi - When It Looks Like Life (Onur Ozman Remix) - Dutch Music (2012)
Pavel Petrov - Past (Onur Ozman Remix) - Dutchie Music (2012)
Klartraum - Growth (Onur Ozman Remix) - Lucidflow (2010)
Masters - Dusk Down (Onur Ozman Remix) - Rebirth (2009)


Nineteen ninety – eight marked the beginning of a musical journey for Lorraine. Forever having the love of music, she finally applied that love into the media of turntables. For the following three years, she began playing raves and clubs in her home town of Albuquerque, NM. Her style of music developed into a menagerie of hard and soulful techno. In 1999 she became the co-founder of Urban Tek Productions. Urban Tek was not only known for bringing out some of the biggest names in electronic music to Albuquerque, but for some of the largest attendance still to date in the Duke city. As part of the tag team, Beauty and the East, Lorraine began getting hired in places like El Paso, TX, Rockford IL, & Green Bay, WI. On her own, she was playing with the likes of Frankie Bones, Joey Beltram, Juan Atkins, T-1000 and her favorite dj, Heather Heart just to name a few. Though things seemed to heading in the right direction, Lorraine felt a deep seeded need to please God in her life.
In 2001 she was blessed with her very own live mix show on the NM statewide radio station, 88.3 Massive Radio The show was called “The Vibe” and for an hour every Friday night, she pumped the airwaves with the best Inspirational tracks around. As well as serving as an air jock for the station. Out of this time period came the birth of her first cd “Moments of Clarity”.
Two thousand and two brought a year of firsts for 25 year old Lorraine. With the help of producer/singer/songwriter, Joey Beville from the band The Echoing Green, she produced her first track “Givin It Back”. After sending out a demo cd to dj/producer Dj Scott Blackwell, she got booked to play at the week long festival, Cornerstone in 2002 and in 2003. In doing so, she became the first female dj ever to perform at Cornerstone. Lorraine has also become the first female dj on Scott’s label MYX Records. That summer they collaborated to create the 12’ single “Immaculate Intoxication,” found on her mix cd “Reverence,” which was then remixed by Sheltershed, Axon (axon.cleacnrecords.com) and Faith Massive.
From 2002-2005 she was the promoter and resident dj of The Light Club. The Light Club was a non-alcoholic night club that brought in dj’s and bands of all genres of music, from the house bumpin sounds of Roy Davis Jr. to the hard rockin likes of Disciple. She’s was also a part of a collaboration of sister dj’s in Albuquerque called LadyDj’s and a resident at Sundaze and the Zia Dinner in Santa Fe. Beginning January 2003, Lorraine became the vj/producer/editor of YTV’s first dance show, Club Lyt, held at The Light Club. Meanwhile, you could catch her dropping records at such local venues as the Pulse and Martini Grill.
In 2006 Lorraine slowed things down a bit after giving birth to her daughter and began to shift her focus on producing. Since 2007 she has been perfecting the art of songwriting and production. After several years of mastering her skill, Lorraine is beginning her new direction with a new name, Laladee and her first project as a Pro Legend producer. In 2010, Lorraine completed four remixes on the Alumni’s limited edition LP “Reinvented”. 
Two thousand eleven was another year of firsts for Lorraine. She joined Pro Legend artists "The Alumni" singing back up vocals and some features on their album "Perfect Man". This allowed her to perform on stage with a live band which she had never done before. The release of "Love" from that album gave the opportunity for Lorraine to be heard on the airwaves. 2012 marked Laladee’s first music video “Eve In Me” and 2013 marked the year of Lorraine's first official radio single "Tainted Crown" under the name of the Unparel. From 2014 to present she has gone back to her roots and has been releasing tracks under the label Export Elite. Through this label she has charted on Beatport several times and has been able to work with producers all over the world. Including Russia’s Magnetic Brothers on the track “Confessions" and more recently has had a remix done of Zuri track “Illusions” by the Muttonheads along with support from a couple of fan based music videos.  Check out her increasing catalog on Soundcloud and keep your ears tuned for more tracks in the future

Davis grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and was turned on to house music at an early age by the likes of Lil' Louis, DJ Pierre, Farley Keith (Farley Jackmaster Funk) & Marshall Jefferson. Davis began his own production company named Phuture in the late 1980s and went on to become an A&R scout for record label Strictly Rhythm in NYC whilst also running his Chicago founded record label Undaground Therapy Muzik. A few years later Roy Davis and singer-songwriter Peven Everett wrote and produced the single "Gabriel" which was released on Large Records and later licensed and released on XL Recordings in 1996. The track garnered international airplay, and was played in nightclubs around the world. It peaked at #22 in the UK Singles Chart in November 1997.[1] The single sold over 200,000 copies and has appeared on numerous of compilation albums including Desert Island Mix from Gilles Peterson. In 2004, Davis' track, About Love reached #70 in the UK Singles Chart. Adding to the list of previous chart success with records such as "Who Dares To Believe In Me" under alias The Believers and "All I Do" released on Omar-S artist-run label FXHE.

Roy Davis Jr. has also been known for his work for Thomas Bangalter's label Roulé which operated out of Paris in the early '90s and his production work for artists Eric Benet / Faith Evans, Mary J Blige, Seal, Patti LaBelle, Christina Milian and Morcheeba.

Matty S is 27, based in London and has been broadcasting radio shows since the age of 13.
His younger years were largely spent engrossed on Discogs and locked away in record shops, where he eventually worked as a teenager.
His sets are well known for showing his eclectic and diverse taste with influences of House, Disco, Soul, Funk and Jazz. What connects them together is a passion, love and understanding of the groove.

You can check out more mixes by him below. 



Deep Dayz Podcast 1 exclusive two hour mix by DJ Amanda Chavez 
Track List-Episode 1:
Common Ground (Original Mix)-Fred Everything, Shur-I-Kan
Analogic Vibe (Rishi K. Remix) - Edmund 
Forget Me (Fred Everything Devil In The Dub) - Lazarusman, Jazzuelle 
She's All Right (Jimpster Remix)-Paxton Fettel 
Bad (Kevin Yost Remix) -Nivek Tsoy 
Things Behind (Jimpster Remix)- Cajuu 
Everything (Original Mix) - Sebb Junior 
Trust (Zeque's Coffee Overdose Mix)- Kevin Yost, Peter Funk 
Coffee Break (Rishi K Remix) -Paul & Zax 
Bohemian Soul (Adana Twins 'On A Cloudy Day' Remix)- Kasper Bjorke 
Bleeding Feat. Human Life (The/Das Remix)-Human Life, Adana Twins 
Rain Began (Rishi K Remix)-Physh 
Water Goddess (Original Mix)-Kevin Yost, Peter Funk 
Una Flor Margarita (Original Mix) - Jon Sweetname 
Road Runner Feat. Re-Bound (Fer Ferrari Remix) -Harlem Knights 
Much More Important (Original Mix) - Kevin Yost 
Soul Spin (Original Mix)- Rishi K., Jero Nougues 
Roughin’-AD (unsigned) 
So Leena (Original Mix) -Fred Everything, Shur-I-Kan 
Lose Control feat. Sunny Kim (Frederico Todos Remix) -Marko Militano 
Sensual Strawberry Soda (Tommy Largo Remix)- Peckos 
Snake (Original Mix)-Kevin Yost


Matty Silton

1-Jero Nougues - Sky Fall (Original Mix) - Dutchie Music

2-Soledrifter - A Beautiful Thing (Andi Vasilos Remix) - Lisztomania Records

3-Alberto Casallo - Speechless (Original Mix) - Lisztomania Records

4- Captizzy Feat. Lilly Garcia - Deeper In Your Soul (Original Mix) – Mole Music

5-Processing Vessel – Deep Satisfaction ( Marco Grandi Remix) – Sound Vessel Records

6-Mustafa JJ – Tabu (Steve Mag Deep Acid Remix) – Sound Vessel Records

7- Luis Luchetti - If (Original Mix) - Nylon Trax

8- Jero Nougues - Crimson Heart (Ivan Garci Remix) – DeepStitched

9- true.dat - Just A Minute (Original Mix) – Electronic Tree

10- B&S Concept - In Motion (Original Mix) - Lisztomania Records

11- Jordan Naumov - Belong (Original Mix) - Lisztomania Records

12- Inspector Macbet - Places (Original Mix) – Sonic Soul Records

Black Alley is the latest moniker for Berlin based music lover, record collector and dj/remixer/producer Thomas Pudell.
It is like a box where he now throws all his stuff in - may it be collaborations, own productions, remixes or edits; even some old tracks might get some new clothes...
 Thomas has been a DJ for more than 30 years now and is a music lover for his whole life. The classical Jazz and Motown Records of his father laid the foundation for the deep love for quality music he has today and were probably the corner stones of the extensive Collection of more than 35K pieces of Vinyl that are covering the walls of his home.
As a teenager, he started doing his first dj gigs at school parties.  Soon after he got more gigs and landed residencies at local clubs in his hometown, where he played a healthy mixture of the music he loves: soulful Disco, funky R&B, plus danceable Jazztunes.
The year 1991 was a turning point in his life as he visited the legendary Weekender in Southport, England, where he first saw DJs like Tony Humphries and 'Little' Louie Vega. Hearing these legends mixing a wide range of soulful / jazzy / tribal house music made Thomas' love for house music even stronger and so his style evolved from a more freestyle and jazzy one to the housier side of things. But even today he uses his rich musical background to mix the freshest house grooves with the finest tunes of dance history.
As a music lover first, he felt the need to express himself and his art not only on the decks, so he entered the world of production and released under several disguises on many labels….
Over the years he has done remixes for Mary J. Blige's "Dance with me" MCA / Universalmusic, Gadjo's "So many Times" Muschihaus/Subliminal/Universalmusic, Alexi Delano &Vincenzos "Against The Wall" / WasNotWorthIt , Raul Paz "La Mulata" Ministry Of Sound Germany, Club Squisito 'I'm flying' /Radioline Italy, to name a few - plus many own Tracks on different Labels like Traveller Records, Pole Postion Records, Oh So Coy, Soulshift Music, Deurun, Itchy Pig Records, Mindbase Recordings, Freeport, Brickhouse,UCA,Hott, Edel, etc. etc. …… and quite a few White Labels as well… shhhh…
2010 was the right time to reset the past and move straight forward onto a new path: Black Alley!

Born and raised in what was once considered the mecca of house music, New York City, Rissa Garcia caught the music bug at a very early age. She grew up listening to all sorts of rhythms including Latin, jazz, R&B,soul, house, rock, disco and funk. Years later she made her way into the club scene and in the year 2000, she discovered a club called Vinyl with a DJ named Danny Tenaglia. She fell in love with the atmoshphere while falling deeper in love with the music. "My soul just seemed to come alive & it completely engulfed me. From the lights to the vibe to the dark walls & sexiness in the air, this is exactly what I have been searching for, this was my Paradise Garage." Inspired by the man who poured his heart & soul into his music, along with many others who do the same, she began to collect records and learn the true art of the DJ. Her first gig back in 2004 was at a small lounge on NYC's Lower East Side where she received rave reviews. Since then Rissa has been lucky enough to have played some of the best venues in NYC, such as Cielo, Output,Santos Party House,TBA and more. 

She currently runs her own imprint, NightChild Records, and has released over sixty EP's from producers across the globe. With some of her recent releases receiving support from Alexander Robotnik, Louie Vega, X-Press 2, Jus-Ed and more, she strives to offer a consistent quality synonymous with those who have an influence on her. 


Child of the late 60's born and raised in Manchester in the North West of the UK Obsessed with music from a very early age and has been collecting records since 1975 when just 7 years old. I used to collect old jukebox (cut out centres) 7" singles that I was drawn to on market stalls my parents frequented most Saturdays while doing weekly family shopping Moved onto Disco/New Wave/2-Tone/New Romantic music styles though the late 70s/Early 80s then discovered a real passion for Dance music in the summer of 1982 when I bought my first imported 12" single The Packman - Im the Packman on US Enjoy Records. I played this record to death (not on the best hifi system in the world as I couldn't afford anything flash) and now looks a bit woeful but this record is still with me and cherished(I did buy another copy recently as a back up). Collection at last count was up to 20,000 plus but I suspect this is a conservative estimate as my record buying has never slowed down and cant see it ever slowing. I began my DJ Career in 1986 around the various venues playing Funk/Soul/Hip Hop and the then emerging new sound from Detroit/Chicago Started working in Manchester's famed record shop Eastern Bloc in late 1988 and continued until early 1992. Eastern Bloc was unlike any record shop at the time we stocked everything from the hardest of metal/doom rock to the most upfront of house and hip hop with a liberal smattering of the local band scene music DJ Career highlights include residency at one of Manchester's most notorious and thoroughly edgy clubs Konspiracy. Semi retired from music due to family commitments in 1993 and followed my current career in Telecoms/Electronic Engineering but never lost the passion and love of music or record collecting/mixing. Coaxed out of retirement from Shaun Crist/Alex Pace and their Deepvibes Radio station to present a vinyl only old style mixtape live session (i only know how to mix this way) weekly mixshow which ran for 3 years from 2012 until 2015 and will shortly be coming back to the airwaves once again. Deepvibes is where I was very privileged to meet the very talented Amanda Chavez and when she asked me to guest on her new project I jumped at the chance. I have a massive respect for her style and musical talent and always have she genuinely is one of the only people I still religiously listen to. I am always willing to teach/mix/perform and do what I can for the myriad of people who keep this beautiful music scene alive. Hope you enjoy the mix! 

Tracklist - Artist/Title/Label Carter Bros - Run - Black Catalogue Senzala - She Got It EP - Mr KS & Friends Kool Vibe - Basics - KV Records Lisa Shaw - Cherry - Naked Music Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit - Gregory001 Donna Allen - He Is The Joy - Soulfuric HiFi Mike - Stereo Flavas - Purple Unknown - What A Day - Digwah OdD - Get Away - Infuse youANDme Feat. Brothers' Vibe – House Will Survive EP - Suara David Gtronic & Iuly.B – Fusion EP - Vatos Locos Blaze – Lovelee Dae (Bicep Remix) - Feel My Bicep


Producer . Style : Deep House / House
B&S Concept is a french duo BiiigC & Seher (Cédric & Hervé) born in Lille (France) in january 2016.
DeepHouse music is what we like ! ... and making our own music is a game, a fantastic one ! Old school sounds mixed with actual Deep/House, that's the way we feel music.

Influence : 
House from Chicago , Kerry chandler, Joey Negro, Laurent Garnier, DJ Sneak, Ministry of Sound, Café d'Anvers ... 
Large music, Defected Records, Strictly rythm ...

We actually appreciate producers as Detroit Swindle, Sebb Junior, Jakobin&Domino, JR From Dallas, James Benedict, Saison, Roland Nights ...
Our first E.P. was released by Frigo Vide Records @sebbaston Sebb Junior label in feb 2016.
New music orientation recently with @jr-from-dallas collaboration.

Labels :
- Different Attitudes @differentattitudes
- Gourmand Music Recordings @gourmand-music-recordings
- JeanJacquesAka1980 @jeanjacquesaka1980
- Frigo Vide Records @frigo-vide-records
- Lisztomania Records, Neo Apparatus Records, Fly in a Jam Records,Nyon Records, Mole music, Oh So Coy Reordings ...

Freedownload tracks are also regularly posted


The Idea of Processing Vessel is to capture sounds that are unique and combine it with my imagination. Murat Vural a.k.a, Processing Vessel founded his musical passion by watching MTV Party-zone, which presented him a variety of electronic music that lead him into the journey of producing electronic music himself. His production harbors between Tech and Deep House Music.

https://soundcloud.com/processing-vessel https://www.facebook.com/ProcessingVessel/ https://www.beatport.com/artist/processing-vessel/13973



Oscar P was raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Washington Heights. His roots in the city run deep. Fusing Afro-Latino and deep house influences from NYC, Chicago and Detroit, Oscar has created a unique sound that defines his style today.

Years later, Oscar P operates two of the most respected underground house labels, Kolour Recordings and Open Bar Music. As a producer, he’s appeared on labels like Strictly Rhythm, Tool Room, Ultra & Sony Music and his resume includes remixes for Mark Farina, KiNK, Soul Minority, Jamiroquai, Adele, Omar, Todd Terry and Physics.

With more than 25 releases cracking the top ten in the last three years, a who's who of music industry pioneers have supported his productions. In 2012 Oscar was named the #8 best selling house music artist of the year on Traxsource. In 2014 he sat on the Best Selling Deep Afro House Artists list at #23 alongside Black Coffee, Osunlade and Atjazz. In 2015 he landed at #13.

Despite his many accomplishments— worldwide touring, top-selling records, entrepreneurial ventures as a label boss and music business marketer—Oscar still pushes the envelope as an artist and businessman.

Recently relocated from New York to San Diego, California, Oscar is tackling the West Coast with fresh perspective. He is currently co-organizing West Coast Weekender, a music conference that will celebrate dance music and provide a new boost for the San Diego music scene.

Big moves like this demonstrate that, despite all his successes, Oscar P still finds time to return to the roots of a lifelong obsession with — music.